Celebrating Excellence

We operate on a reward system that encourages our staff to achieve a sense of satisfaction whilst completing their work duties.

Resident's Stories

GCH strive on hearing client’s stories; they give us the opportunity to cater for their well-being and to offer full and excellent care.

Gardening Championship

Each year we participate in a gardening competition where our clients actively participate in gardening activities that enable them to be competitive and most of all active to their requirements.


GCH constantly involved in travelling around the West Midlands for sightseeing and to enjoy the natural wonders the West Midlands has to offer.


GCH thrive on positivity where the working culture is to ensure that all client life style are a 100% catered for and full care is given to improve or maintain the quality of life for our client.

Activities Programme

These are normally voluntary programmes and are tailored to the client request and requirement. Activities that will improved service users mental health and emotional well-being.